John Martinez wrote:
> Hello,
> I found a bug in setup_install_server that I have a fix for. Please  
> let me know how to proceed.
> My contributor number is OS0024. CR number is 6422131.

Well, this would present an interesting situation, in that 
setup_install_server is not actually open-source at this point (you'll 
note that it doesn't have a CDDL header block), though the fact that 
it's a script makes that a somewhat fine distinction to draw.

However, we can avoid resolving that question, I believe, because it 
appears that problem has already been fixed some time ago as CR 5083315, 
which integrated into snv_27 and includes the change suggested (the 
change required was more extensive than 6422131 suggests).  6422131 
claims that this was seen on snv_37, but I don't quite see how that can 
be the case - it's certainly fixed in my copy of that build.  I expect I 
will close 6422131 as a duplicate of 5083315 unless there's evidence 
that it's not working.


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