Thanks to Richard Lowe and Yann Poupet for these two fixes below and to Steve 
Lau and Pete Dennis for sponsoring the work through to putback:

Putback 56 
ID: 6425426  
Desc: usr/src/Makefile 'setup' target not enough for external developers
Submitted by Richard Lowe on 5/11/06  
Sun Sponsor: Steve Lau  
Putback to Nevada 41 on 5/12/06 

Putback 57  
ID: 5064163     
Desc: *swap* should have -h option like df, du, and ls  
Submitted on 11/24/05 by Yann Poupet  
Sun Sponsor: Pete Dennis  
Putback to Nevada 41 on 5/15/06 

Full report:

And thanks to Bonnie for tracking all this and maintaining that report, by the 
way. It came in really handy yesterday. I ran into a guy at the JavaOne booth 
who loved the idea of OpenSolaris but said that no one could really contribute 
code. He became quiet when I showed him all the putbacks. He was impressed and 
congratulated us. Which means, you, of course.
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