I don't know if re-posting is the best answer.

But I ask all the sponsors on this list to please take a look at the table.


We have 24 fixes awaiting a sponsor.  The oldest was filed on 4/11/06.

Some go together, so one sponsor/contributor can potentially put back
multiple fixes.

Please take a look at the list and see if there's something you can pick up.



Stephen Potter wrote On 05/22/06 21:01,:
> For requests that have been hanging around for several weeks (or months...) 
> without a sponsor taking them, is it worth reposting them to increase their 
> visibility?  I'm concerned that there are a lot of putbacks out there 
> waiting, it is difficult to determine whether an open bug already has a fix 
> (without cross referencing a couple of different places), that people are 
> going to get discouraged when no one picks up their fixes, and that bugs are 
> getting released to the OSS list because the list is already long.
> -spp
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