Thanks to Richard Lowe and Juergen Keil for these three fixes below and
to Dana Myers and Liane Praza for sponsoring the work through to putback.

We now have a total of 26 non-Sun contributors who have worked with 33
Solaris engineers on request-sponsor, 421 bugs reported, 170
submissions, 78 sponsored putbacks with 43 in progress, 18 awaiting
sponsor, and 31 closed or suspended. Absolutely outstanding.

Full report:

Note that #19 and #44 are new due to fixes coming in outside of the
request-sponsor alias. REMINDER TO SPONSORS: When you are working
individually with an external contributor (i.e., specific request did
not come through this alias because you have worked with the person
before), please be sure to mark the bug with the oss-request and
oss-sponsor keywords and send email to the alias so we can be sure to
track the work.

Putback 76      
ID: 6244405     
Desc: NTP service has inappropriate and hidden dependencies     
Submitted on 4/5/06 by Richard Lowe
Sun Sponsor: Liane Praza
Putback to Nevada 43 on 6/8/06

New # 19        
ID: 6335392     
Desc: psm: psm_common.c incorrectly uses ACPI resource end tags
Submitted 11/05 by Juergen Keil
Sun Sponsor: Dana Myers
Putback to Nevada 29 on 11/17/05

New #44         
ID: 6386744     
Desc: acpica: Tyan Tiger MP does not soft-poweroff
Submitted 2/06 by Juergen Keil
Sun Sponsor: Dana Myers
Putback to Nevada 36 on 3/3/06

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