I updated the request-sponsor table this afternoon with pubs work that
has been happening that wasn't captured on the table.  Those items have
been inserted chronologically (and note that some information is missing
right now - I still have to finish up some detail).  Which brought the
total to 99 contributions integrated.

And then Eric Lowe happened to put back Rainer Orth's latest
contribution to make #100 - couldn't have asked for better timing:

Putback 100

ID: 6405330     
Desc: swap on zvol isn't added during boot      
Submitted on 5/23/06 by Rainer Orth
Sun Sponsor: Eric Lowe  
Putback to Nevada 43 on 6/13/06

Thanks to all of you who brought the list to 100 with contributions to
ON, Install and Pubs!


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