By the way, you can find the list of outstanding requests at .



Karyn Ritter wrote:
> We've currently got ~18 requests waiting for sponsors (with the oldest 
> request waiting for 2 months). If you have time to sponsor, please 
> accept a new request or two. It'd be great to not have any requests 
> awaiting sponsor by the end of the quarter. Meeting this goal for the 
> anniversary would be even better, but that's a lot of requests to accept 
> in the next 24 hours.
> In particular, Rainer's changes to the build tools/packages really need 
> someone to look after them. I know there aren't a lot of technology 
> experts in this area, but I'm sure Rainer has some interesting and 
> valuable fixes that he's contributed.
> Thanks!
> Karyn

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