Doug Scott wrote:
> I have noticed, a few posts asking how to disable the console beep/bell on 
> some laptops. While it is possible to disable some applications such as bash, 
> and gnome, you should be able to disable it globally with the kdb command or 
> in /etc/default/kbd. This can already be done for the keyboard click, and 
> should be extended to the console bell.
> The changes are relatively simple, as adding an option (-b on|off) and code 
> similar to keyclick in /usr/src/cmd/kbd/kbd.c. The appropriate ioctl 
> KBD_CMD_BELL and KBD_CMD_NOBELL are already in sys/kbd.h.

Those ioctls don't make it so the bell doesn't sound in the future - they
are used for sounding the bell.   In the X server, to make a 100ms beep,
we do:
        kbdCmd = KBD_CMD_BELL;
        ioctl(fd, KIOCCMD, &kbdCmd)
        sleep for 100ms
        kbdCmd = KBD_CMD_NOBELL;
        ioctl(fd, KIOCCMD, &kbdCmd)

You'ld need to add new ones to make a keyboard bell disabling command.

(When X is running "xset b 0" disables the bell, but there's nothing
  similar for the console when not running X.)

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