I'm requesting a sponsor to handle the kstat changes to make
kstat_create, etc. take const char * instead of char *.  I sent mail
about this to osol-code recently.

The CR# I got after filing the bug report is

CR 6461778 Created P4 opensolaris/triage-queue kstat_create, named_init,
etc. should use constified char *

Peter Memishian had volunteered to take this on, but I want to make sure
all my ducks are in a row, so I'm formally requesting a sponsor for this.

Note that this probably needs a PSARC fast-track because it means a
compatible API change to make the char * arguments to kstat_create,
kstat_named_init, etc. use const char * instead of char *.  It probably
also needs a man page change.

The diffs themselves are super trivial, and I can pass them on if anyone
wants to see them first.


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