Rainer Orth wrote:
> Roland Mainz writes:
> > Rainer Orth wrote:
> > >   6414843 SUNWonbld shouldn't install sgml man pages
> >
> > What is your intended fix ? IMO Solaris should finally switch to
> > DocBook/(SGML|XML) manual pages for all tools if possible, therefore it
> > may be nice to simply move the manual page to sman1/ and avoid the
> > conversion to the old troff format...
> My current plan is to convert the few SGML man pages in SUNWonbld to nroff
> on the fly and install those to avoid having two different man page formats
> in a single package.

Umpf... that's actually reverse of the way how it should be done..
... about how many manual pages are we talking here ? One ? Three ? 20 ?
I may be able to convert 1-3 by hand if we get rid of the
xx@@@!!-"nroff" workaround...

> Once the other man pages with nroff source have been converted to SGML,
> that can be revised.
> It may be worthwhile to consider what to do with the man pages in SUNWman,
> btw.  For some time, they were delivered in SGML format, but later the
> package switched back to delivering the nroff form generated from that
> only.  I think that was done because some of the necessary tools were not
> easily/publicly available, but I recall that this has changed/is changing
> in the Documentation community.  But that's certainly much better to
> discuss on docs-discuss.

Erm... AFAIK the tools were available since a long time. The SolBook DTD
isn't very different from DocBook and smaller items can be done by



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