Hi Eric -

If you go to the first page of the forum, there is an entry labeled:
"[PATCH] 4658359, 6303675".  Author is Rich Lowe.  The last post is
8/15/05 which is why it's on the first page.  But if you open the
message, the original post was 6/17/05.

Also - Rich did file a contributor agreement - #7.  I've asked the
person tracking the agreements to update her spreadsheet, and I'll
update the bug log.

Hope that thelps.


Eric Schrock wrote:
>>The attached spreadsheet from Bonnie Corwin is an
>>update on the
>>request-sponsor bugs. Bonnie and I will be tracking
>>these this way as in
>>interim solution until the system is automated. We
>>are also adding
>>engineers to the request-sponsor alias to help work
>>on the outstanding bugs.
> Jim -
> I'd love to help out with some of the most egregiously ignored
> bugs (4658359 and 6303675), but I can't seem to find any
> links in the Jive forum to the original messages.  In particular,
> the bugs claim to have been submitted on 6/17, but there are
> are no messages prior to 6/21 in the forum.
> - Eric
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