On Thu, Sep 15, 2005 at 09:20:32AM -0700, Michael Berger wrote:

> Thank you for time and for your information. I filed a bug against 
> /usr/src/uts/i86pc/io/agpgart/agptarget.c.
> I was not a aware that I must file a bug report to get a sponsor for this 
> little patch but it is logical as there is no MAINTAINERS file.

The closest analogue we have to MAINTAINERS is the SCCS history of
each individual file, which we're planning to begin publishing soon,
at least for the past.  However, no matter how much you know about the
file's history and the identities of applicable domain experts, you
must always file a bug for anything you wish to change.  The bug
tracking system is where information about the change is centralised,
and the bugid is referenced in the putback and SCCS comments so that
others may later track down that information.

I realise this isn't really obvious right now; the bug tracking system
as exposed to the world looks more like a web site feedback form with
minimal information, useless as a development tool.  I expect the
value of this process will be more obvious once (a) the history is
available and (b) we provide bug information in a way that doesn't
completely suck.

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