On Tue, Sep 13, 2005 at 06:25:23AM -0700, allen mathias wrote:
> Requesting a sponsor for RFE4940735 to enable the -r option for grep in 
> Solaris.
> Thanks
> -Allen

Allen -

Thanks for support!  Unfortunately, this work is currently subsumed by
the following ARC case:

PSARC 2005/049 Add ggrep context and recursive search features to grep.

This adds the '-r', '-A', '-B', and '-C' options to grep(1).  I pinged
the responsible engineer and she thinks it will integrate within the
next few weeks (she's been working on it in her spare time).

And yes, our bug database needs some serious work.  It's near impossible
to tell which bugs are actually being worked on and which ones are in


- Eric

[1] Perhaps a better metric would be 'responsible engineer != NULL'
    rather than trying to discern by bug state.  But that's a question
    for website-discuss.

Eric Schrock, Solaris Kernel Development       http://blogs.sun.com/eschrock

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