An ESME Sudria project allowed us to produce a driver for Solaris 10
(Intel). The driver was written to support RT2500 USB chipset from
ralinktech ( <http://www.ralinktech.com> http://www.ralinktech.com).
Since we would like to contribute to opensolaris, please send us the
Contributor Agreement with the appropriate Fax number and the
explanations of how to explicitely send the source code to Sun.

Best regards, 
Joel Couturier 

PS : Please copy your answer to Mr Truchet from Sun
(jacques.truchet at sun.com). 



Couturier Joel

Professor Telecom?s and Networks 

Department of signal and Telecom?s

Faculty ESME 

38, street Moliere

94 200 Ivry/s/seine


33 1 56 20 62 00

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