On Tue, 2005-09-27 at 17:49, Rich Teer wrote:
> Hi there,
> I'd like to have my fix for bug/rfe 6306504 considered for
> inclusion in Solaris/OpenSolaris.  Info, including source,
> can be found from www.rite-group.com/rich/sw/lock.html; what
> else do I need to do (this is my first time doing this, so
> be gentle...)?

The first step for this would be ARC review.  A fast-track in PSARC
would be sufficient for something of this size.

Mostly all you need is the man page as you already provided.

I'd also want to know if this is setuid; does it use PAM, or does it
call crypt(3c) directly ?  If it does call crypt(3c) directly why is
that the correct thing to do rather than using PAM (which BTW xlock,
dtsession and xscreensaver all do use PAM). Also if it does call
crypt(3c) directly is it ware of the fact that $ is magic and pass all
of the hash in not just the first 13 chars ?

I also assume you would want this to be /usr/bin/lock :-)

BTW I'm sure I could answer these by looking at the code, but normally
that isn't done during ARC review.  The above is just a quick sample of
the questions you might get given the info you have provided so far.

So where do you go from here ?

Write up a little more to cover the questions I asked.   I think after
that we could give this a go pushing it through the process.  I can do
the ARC fast-track sponsor work for you.  However at this time I'm not
sure if we are quite ready in the ARC tools area to deal with external
email addresses but we can work something out.

Lets take the rest of this offline now.  I included the alias so
that others could see this was answered and what is involved.

Darren J Moffat 

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