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Would it be possible to maintain this on the OpenSolaris.org site rather
than in a soffice document or whatever?


On Tue, Oct 18, 2005 at 09:35:59AM -0600, Bonnie Corwin wrote:
> Hi -
> Because there's been a fair amount of traffic here the last few days,
> I'm attaching an updated pdf file of the request data to make sure the
> status listed is correct.  Please let me know if I misrepresented anything.
> Question: Dan Mick had noted last month that 6323481 (Pci device
> enumeration for multifunction pci devices is incomplete) may be subsumed
> by an existing bug.  This bug is still in the dispatched state in the
> database.  How do I find out whether this bug really is being addressed
> by something else so that it can be moved off the 'awaiting sponsor'
> list?  There is no RE assigned.
> Thanks very much to Sarah, Dave and Frits for picking up some requests
> and for Brian and Mike letting us know about work in progress.
> Bonnie

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