CRT advocates and OpenSolaris sponsors need to read this and respond.

In an effort to open up the OpenSolaris sponsor program and share the
workload, the following is being proposed.

Let us know if you are completely unwilling to take on the extra
dimension of partnering with someone periodically.

We will take silence as agreement.

Please respond by Noon PDT Tuesday, 2005-Oct-25.

Thank you.

John Beck
Bonnie Corwin

NOTE: The sponsor-signup at email alias is in the process
of being set up.

Becoming an OpenSolaris Sponsor

There are three tiers of sponsors for OpenSolaris:

1. CRT advocates
2. middle-tier sponsors
3. everyone else

For details about what all sponsors need to do, see:

The three tiers:

- The advocates are the most senior; for how they are selected, see:

- The non-advocate "middle-tier" sponsors are, well, in the middle: some
  experience [1] is required, and some in this tier may be "in training"
  to become advocates, though many are just helping out as needed.  The
  complete list of these top two tiers can be found at:

- The remaining group, "everyone else", consists of everyone who has not
  yet met the experience requirement for the middle tier, or for
  whatever reason is unable or unwilling to mentor less experienced
  engineers on a regular basis.  Engineers in this group may still
  sponsor external contributions, but they must partner with an advocate
  or middle-tier sponsor.

How to become a middle-tier sponsor:

- Determine whether your experience falls in the ballpark [1].
- Read the details at the locations cited above.
- Send email to sponsor-signup at saying that you have
  read the information and are willing to perform the tasks.

How to partner with an advocate/middle-tier sponsor:

- Contact someone on
  with your request.
- If you have problems finding a partner, send email to
  sponsor-signup at

[1] How much experience is enough?  As with most things in life, it
    depends.  :-)  Our ballpark metric is 10 successful putbacks to
    an ON gate, and note that putbacks done in the role of sponsoring
    an external contribution count towards this goal.  But not all
    putbacks are equal, and judgement is key, so exactly how much is
    enough will vary, and will be left to the judgement of the CRT
    chair in conjunction with other CRT advocates.

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