> Nope - you're not the first, so this is my error.
> The original concept of sponsoring had two tiers: CRT advocates and
> sponsors.  Both tiers require some amount of experience working in and
> putting back to the O/N source hierarchy.  Both can take a request and
> run with it.
> Now there is a third tier which will allow more people to participate.
> But people in the third tier need to partner with someone in one of the
> other tiers to gain experience.
> We wanted to let the advocates/sponsors see the proposal for a third
> tier before it becomes a reality.
> Silence means you're ok with the proposal and with adding the concept of
> partnering with someone to help them with the process.
> Does that help?
> Thanks.
> Bonnie

This isn't making sense to me: are you simply saying that tier 3 pre-reviews
something for an external contributor and then submits an RTI as usual to
an advocate, or are you saying that an RTI advocate and tier 3 somehow work
on reviewing something together?

If you could point us to a draft of the web page that will explain this
to the community, that would probably help me understand this better.


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