Michael Shapiro wrote On 10/21/05 13:09,:
>>Nope - you're not the first, so this is my error.
>>The original concept of sponsoring had two tiers: CRT advocates and
>>sponsors.  Both tiers require some amount of experience working in and
>>putting back to the O/N source hierarchy.  Both can take a request and
>>run with it.
>>Now there is a third tier which will allow more people to participate.
>>But people in the third tier need to partner with someone in one of the
>>other tiers to gain experience.
>>We wanted to let the advocates/sponsors see the proposal for a third
>>tier before it becomes a reality.
>>Silence means you're ok with the proposal and with adding the concept of
>>partnering with someone to help them with the process.
>>Does that help?
> This isn't making sense to me: are you simply saying that tier 3 pre-reviews
> something for an external contributor and then submits an RTI as usual to
> an advocate, or are you saying that an RTI advocate and tier 3 somehow work
> on reviewing something together?

The expectation is that the partner will ensure that when the RTI is
submitted, the work is ready for integration.  Eactly how he/she does
that is up to the partner and the tier 3.  Depending on the scope of the
code contribution, the working relationship between the two, etc., the
partner may just review the RTI before submission - or the partner can
work with the tier 3 through the processes, even also working with the
external contributor if appropriate.

We may need to back up a step in this discussion.  When we opened the
site in June, we needed sponsors for external contributions.  We've had
a problem getting requests picked up in a timely manner.  Now we have a
lot of people itnerested in being sponsors which is great, but we need
to manage the chaos.

This proposal is about doing that.  It completely opens the process and
allows anyone interested to be a sponsor.  But it also ensures some
amount of oversight as people with less experience become more experienced.

> If you could point us to a draft of the web page that will explain this
> to the community, that would probably help me understand this better.

The sponsor information at


explains the current responsibilities of a sponsor.

If this proposal is an acceptable way to open the process, information
will be added there to explain the third tier and the concept of
partnering.  But it will still be up to the partner/tier3 to decide
excatly how to accomplish the oversight.


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