Bonnie Corwin wrote:

> In response to multiple requests to provide viewable data on
> about sponsor requests and submitted bugs,
> has been transformed.
> The PDF files are gone (let us know if you really want the archived ones
> back for some reason - we're anticipating that most people don't usually
> compare the summary data week to week).
> This page now contains the summary information, with separate dates
> noted for the 'bugs submitted' data and for the 'request sponsor' data.
> The dates are the date the information was last updated.
> At the end of each set of summary data is a link called "See Full List"
> which will take you to the appropriate table.
> I try to keep the request sponsor data updated as information comes
> across this alias.
> The 'bugs submitted' data is updated once a week, usually on Friday.

I should also note that this is a first pass. Please let me know how it 
can be made easier to read/use.


> Many thanks to Derek for creating the initial html for me.
> Thanks.
> Bonnie

Derek Cicero
Program Manager
Solaris Kernel Group, Software Division

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