On Thu, Oct 27, 2005 at 04:33:29PM -0600, Bonnie Corwin wrote:
> I believe engineers interested in this work will be interested in
> building relationships with external developers.  And therefore will do
> their best to represent Sun and explain engineering practices.
> With this proposal, we will probably know about problems when putbacks
> get backed out or partners make us aware that someone isn't working out
> or an external developer contacts us with complaints.

  Once again, this *isn't* about bad putbacks; we have processes to
  deal with those.

  This is about mentoring.  About people.

  No matter how well-intentioned someone is, if they aren't able to act
  as a sponsor on their own, they aren't the right person to be giving
  technical advice and direction to an external contributor.  One of
  the problems is that we have no good way to measure the quality of
  their mentoring.  Contributors can tell us if a sponsor is being
  rude, but in many cases it's impossible for them to determine if the
  sponsor is giving them bad advice.  Unfortunately, it's easy for
  sloppy work to go unnoticed for a long time.

  The sponsor system should be concerned with more than just getting
  the fixes in.  As the OpenSolaris program progresses, we'll reach the
  point where contributors will be putting back directly, not to
  mention teaching other contributors.  How quickly we can turn fixes
  around today is a less serious problem than the long-term
  consequences of poor training.


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