Mike Kupfer wrote On 10/28/05 11:52,:
> dp> ARC interns are (afaik) already experienced engineers.  
> Yes, and they usually have non-trivial ARC experience, either as a
> fast-track licensee or from multiple project submissions.  I think that
> translates into some minimum set of requirements to be a sponsorship
> intern, which may well be higher than the proposed tier-3 requirements.
> I don't know what those minimum requirements should be.  How experienced
> does someone have to be to be a SunVisor to a new employee?  Is SunVisor
> even a good comparison point?
> dp> I'm adding a big +1 to what Dave has said thus far; he has made, to
> dp> me anyway, a persuasive argument that building mentorships,
> dp> relationships, skills and knowledge is the core task here.
> That makes sense to me, too.

So I think we have cycled back to where we started and where we
currently are: two tiers of sponsors with requirements for both tiers.

If we leave the current program alone and don't open it up, how do we
address the problem of requests not getting picked up in a reasonable
amount of time?


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