On Fri, 28 Oct 2005, Bonnie Corwin wrote:

> Mike Kupfer wrote On 10/28/05 11:52,:
>> dp> ARC interns are (afaik) already experienced engineers.
>> Yes, and they usually have non-trivial ARC experience, either as a
>> fast-track licensee or from multiple project submissions.  I think that
>> translates into some minimum set of requirements to be a sponsorship
>> intern, which may well be higher than the proposed tier-3 requirements.
>> I don't know what those minimum requirements should be.  How experienced
>> does someone have to be to be a SunVisor to a new employee?  Is SunVisor
>> even a good comparison point?
>> dp> I'm adding a big +1 to what Dave has said thus far; he has made, to
>> dp> me anyway, a persuasive argument that building mentorships,
>> dp> relationships, skills and knowledge is the core task here.
>> That makes sense to me, too.
> So I think we have cycled back to where we started and where we
> currently are: two tiers of sponsors with requirements for both tiers.
> If we leave the current program alone and don't open it up, how do we
> address the problem of requests not getting picked up in a reasonable
> amount of time?

This came up at PAC & I spoke up: Right now, there is no ownership
or responsibility for sponsors to pick things up.  It's above & beyond
the already above & beyond we are all doing.  There are no goals around
this, or management ownership.  Without ownership, all programs in Sun
flounder.  I brought this up when it was originally suggested that
CRTs act as sponsors.  Much as I predicted, things are falling through
the cracks.

Have I been asked once by management why I haven't sponsored anything?
Nope. (the reason I haven't is due to the sheer volume of work being
a tech lead already entails, but I still haven't been asked).

Unless there are metrics that are enforced, and you make a director
actually *own* something, it won't happen.

We have a hard enough time getting people to fix serious bugs
unless we go to the director level.

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