Hi Joel,

  I'm pleased to see the interest to contribute a full driver!

  But I'm not sure if this is the right alias.
  I have copied the x86 folks on this mail.  They would be getting back to 
you about this soon.


On Mon, 19 Sep 2005 13:22 +0200, couturier at esme.fr wrote:

}This year there was a project at ESME Sudria which was the development of 
}a wireless driver for Intel Solaris 10.
}This driver supports Ralinktech's chipset 802.11b/g RT2500 
}We would like to provide our source code to SUN using your sponsoring 
}process. Please send us explanations about how to send you sources, how 
}to modify them in order to make them CDDL compliant. Please send us the 
}Contributor Agreement with the fax number associated.
}Do not hesitate to ask us details about the driver's features.
}Best regards,
}Joel Couturier 
}Couturier at esme.fr
}PS : Please send a copy of your answer to Jacques Truchet from SUN 
(jacques.truchet at sun.com).

Sun Microsystems - India Engineering Centre

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