I don't know whether this is the appropriate list, but I had to pick one.

So here's the story:

I'm sitting on a 3c905B driver i've written from scratch.

I did this based on referring to the following.

1) 3C90x and 3C90xB NICs Technical Reference
2) The "xl" driver source code from OpenBSD
3) CDDL GLD drivers released under OpenSolaris.

What concerns me is 1).

I got a pdf of this document off a website unrelated to 3Com.
So what I'm concerned about is whether I can release my source code
and any other forthcoming work based on this document publicly (either
under the BSD license or the CDDL).

Is there a contact person at 3Com that someone at Sun can point me to?

Mike Riley/Neal Pollack have been kind enough to forward an email to Sun IHV, 
but I have been waiting for a reply from Sun IHV since June 22nd. 

3Com's website refuses to allow me to sign up as a partner.

My driver works decently for normal network access (I've been using it for 2 
weeks), but it needs some more work (eg. support for more chipsets, MII support 
etc) until it is a ful replacement for the elxl driver. 

I am keen to release the source code, in the hopes it will be of use in helping 
others looking to get involved in driver writing, GLD driver writing in 

I would appreciate any advice and assistance. It really is frustrating to have 
worked on this for a while and then be unable to share it with anyone.

Thanks in advance.

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