While anyone can subscribe to this mailing list, the intent is that
membership consists of OpenSolaris community members who are able to
act as sponsors for community bug fixes and features being integrated
into the OpenSolaris source base.

Currently only a subset of the Sun engineers working on OpenSolaris
are able to act as a sponsor, but we expect the list of sponsors to
grow and include OpenSolaris community developers who do not work at
Sun.  Sponsor eligibility is currently based on:

      * experience and knowledge of the initial OpenSolaris development
        processes and the Solaris development processes (note: see
        for the current OpenSolaris development process draft),

      * technical experience needed to assess the change and get the
        right technology owners involved as needed, and

      * ability to perform 'proxy' operations such as using Sun tools
        (e.g., update the bug database) and integrating changes into
        the main source base.

Now that we have established who the sponsors are and what they do, it 
seems worthwhile to come up with guidelines for addressing requests via
this mailing list:

      * A sponsor should strive to respond to a request within 48 hours
        of receiving the message.  One or more program managers from the
        OpenSolaris program team will be on the alias to help monitor
        traffic and ensure requests are being addressed quickly.

      * Please Cc: the request-sponsor at opensolaris.org m/l when
        responding to a community member's request: this will help
        us monitor which items still require a response.

      * Discussion about the change itself should happen off this m/l
        in order to minimize the traffic.

Note that we will post this message (or an updated version thereof)
periodically to keep everyone up-to-date.

-- John ("Chief Sponsor")

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