Special thanks to Juergen Keil, Jeremy Teo, and Shawn Walker for the bug 
fixes below and to Frits Vanderlinden, Riny Quian, and Sarah Jelinek for 
sponsoring the fixes:

  # key cannot be used in polled mode with a germain layout ps/2 keyboard
  Submitted 09/01/05 by Juergen Keil
  Sun Sponsors: Frits Vanderlinden/Riny Quian   
  Putback to Nevada 30 (12/07/05)

  Mountfs error timeout is 60ms instead of 60s
  Submitted 07/10/05 by Jeremy Teo
  Sun Sponsor: Sarah Jelinek    
  Puback to Nevada 31 (12/13/05)

  mount message for remounting read-only is bogus       
  Submitted 07/10/05 by Shawn Walker
  Sun Sponsor: Sarah Jelinek    
  Putback to Nevada 31 (12/13/05)

We now have a total of 21 putbacks via the request-sponsor program. 6 
are awaiting sponsors, 17 have sponsors and are in progress, and 11 have 
been closed by a means other than integration (duplicates, etc). The 
request-sponsor bug spreadsheet has been updated here: 

For additional information about the request-sponsor process that Bonnie 
Corwin and JBeck put together, see the following:

Jim Grisanzio, Community Manager, OpenSolaris

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