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>> > For a complete implementation of 2004/480, we would need to have it in ON
>> > in case that ON should be self contained. Note that for a complete
>> > implementation, ufsdump/ufsrestore need to link against librmt.
>> fwiw, having ufsdump/ufsrestore use librmt is afaik, a slightely different,
>> call it follow up project of the star implementation.
> This is one of the primary the main goals in PSARC/2004/480

which was way before ZFS root, and way before ZFS being the defacto
standard file system in OSOL. Hence, I'd rather suggest taking this
particular part out of the discussion for now, which is of course, the most
obvious reason for a request to integrate into ON, but then....


It is always possible to agglutinate multiple separate problems
into a single complex interdependent solution.
In most cases this is a bad idea.

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