The link to the bug is:

If you mean "respond" as in updating the bug report in response to a
comment someone posted, you can't do that.
unfortunately only allows submitting bugs, not updating them.   If
you'd like to discuss the last comment added to that bug, you'll have
to mail the comment's author, Gary Winiger, who I've cc'ed so you can
see his e-mail address, since our internal bug system censors all e-mail
addresses from bug mails sent to external users.

        -Alan Coopersmith-           alan.coopersmith at
         Sun Microsystems, Inc. - X Window System Engineering

Alan Pae wrote:
> Sorry to send it to this e-mail address but I have not been able to
> track down a submitted RFE and have not been able to figure where to ask
> this.
> The CR # is CR 6888027 and I can't find it in any database.
> If you file a bug there is usually a link to click on but with this one
> no such link exists so how do I respond.
> thanks in advance,
> alan
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