Soumajit, John Sonnenschein is already sponsoring me and Roland Mainz
for this bug and we already completed the coding for this part:
fleyta at meridian:/tmp/fleyta$ builtin grep
fleyta at meridian:/tmp/fleyta$ grep --help
Usage: grep [ options ] [ pattern ] [ file ... ]
  -G, --basic-regexp
                  grep mode (default): basic regular expression patterns.
  -E, --extended-regexp
                  egrep mode: extended regular expression patterns.
  -X, --augmented-regexp
                  xgrep mode: augmented regular expression patterns.
  -P, --perl-regexp
                  pgrep mode: perl(1) regular expression patterns.
  -F, --fixed-string
                  fgrep mode: fixed string patterns.
  -A, --approximate-regexp
                  agrep mode: approximate regular expression patterns (not
  -C, --context[=before[,after]]
                  Set the matched line context before and after count. By
                  default only matched lines are printed. The option value may
                  be omitted. The default value is 2,2.
  -c, --count     Only print a matching line count for each file.
  -e, --expression|pattern|regexp=pattern
                  Specify a matching pattern. More than one pattern implies
                  alternation. If this option is specified then the command
                  line pattern must be omitted.
  -f, --file=pattern-file
                  Each line in pattern-file is a pattern, placed into a single
                  alternating expression.
  -H, --filename|with-filename
                  Prefix each matched line with the containing file name.
  -h, --no-filename
                  Suppress containing file name prefix for each matched line.
  -i, --ignore-case
                  Ignore case when matching.
  -l, --files-with-matches
                  Only print file names with at least one match.
  -L, --files-without-matches
                  Only print file names with no matches.
  -b, --highlight Highlight matches using the ansi terminal bold sequence.
  -v, --invert-match|revert-match
                  Invert the pattern match sense.
  -m, --label     All patterns must be of the form label:pattern. Match and
                  count output will be prefixed by the corresponding label:.
  -O, --lenient   Enable lenient pattern interpretation. This is the default.
  -x, --line-match|line-regexp
                  Force patterns to match complete lines.
  -n, --number|line-number
                  Prefix each matched line with its line number.
  -N, --name=name Set the standard input file name prefix to name. The default
                  value is empty.
  -q, --quiet|silent
                  Do not print matching lines.
  -S, --strict    Enable strict pattern interpretation with diagnostics.
  -s, --suppress|no-messages
                  Suppress error and warning messages.
  -t, --total     Only print a single matching line count for all files.
  -T, --test=test Enable implementation specific tests.
  -w, --word-match|word-regexp
                  Force patterns to match complete words.
  -a              Ignored for GNU compatibility.

On 10/31/09, soumajit pal <soumajit.pal23 at> wrote:
> Hello,
> This  is a request for a sponsor for bug fixing.
> BUG ID 4843344
> BUG Synopsis  *grep* should have -q, -e, -f, -x, -E and -F options
> SCA ID OS0405
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 Please remove the following bugs from the table

 6323746 - Avinash works for Sun now, I will mentor him internally as
he requests

 The sponsorees no longer have the time for these two:

 Since Roland's ksh93 work will be delivering a replacement for grep
with -r , Jason is no longer interested in working on:

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