Please close this request.

The bug was updated with this update in Oct 2009:-

[Star-developers] Discussing and defining future star enhancements
Fred Thornborrow <fred.thornborrow at>
Mon, 05 Oct 2009 12:30:41 -0700
star-developers at
Bonnie Corwin <Bonnie.Corwin at Sun.COM>

Hi Joerg,

I've been asked to review the request to integrate STAR into SFW.

I manage the consolidation and requests come into the consolidation
across the company but I don't own each component.

I see that there is over 5 years of history with this request including
an ARC case 2004/480.

Firstly I want to just clarify the current situation as the previous 
working on this request has since left the company.

Firstly are the tasks to be done the same:-

# Add star* to /usr/sfw/bin
# Replace /etc/rmt with rmt from star
# Add librmt to /usr/sfw/lib
# Modify ufsdump/ufsrestore to use librmt

Once I have a good understanding of the amount of work
involved and across which consolidations then I'll be able
to evaluate if this project is worth progressing.

Many thanks,

Fred Thornborrow

I've yet to get a response.

With the recent re-org and Oracle transition and the unknown commitment
to OpenSolaris I suggest that this bug be closed again. If there is any
interest within Sun or Oracle of using STAR then this bug could be reopened
and re-evaluated again.
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