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On Tue, Dec 1, 2009 at 9:18 AM, Anon Y Mous <music_analyst at> wrote:
> Does EDP or Jbit or anyone else have any news on when this patch will be 
> included into the official Sun supported version of OpenSolaris?
> I want to eventually use LX Brand in production and buy OpenSolaris support 
> from Sun, and I'm sure you guys can all understand why my bosses would not 
> want to use 3rd party patches that would take them "off the supported 
> reservation" because the patches aren't officially blessed by Sun's support 
> team and distributed as part of the official OpenSolaris Indiana distribution 
> that Sun sells support for.
> The sooner we get this patch included into an OpenSolaris Indiana or SXCE 
> build the better so that way when the next real version of Solaris comes out 
> a year from now, these patches will be a year old and will have any potential 
> bugs worked out of them and will be a rock solid, stable part of the 
> bullet-proof core Solaris distribution.
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