Peter Tribble wrote:
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> wrote:
>> Won't these things still be issues for third-party packages?
> Third-party? Doubtful that they would use package names as long as
> SUNWstaroffice-gnome-integration.

Good point.  Given that the packages would fail on S8, they probably
wouldn't bother doing that.

> When I reported some of these and requested a sponsor, fixing them
> seemed like a good idea; 18 months with no access to the source has
> intervened, and a change in direction has come about, and I'm not
> sure I can muster the enthusiasm. If enough people think that fixing bugs
> in this area is worthwhile, then I'm prepared to reconsider.

OK.  (I'd thought that the old System V packaging stuff had made it into
 the ON consolidation as usr/src/cmd/svr4pkg/ ... so why "no access to
the source?")

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