This is a request for sponsors for fixing the following list of bugs:

4743591 * /usr/bin/head * unreported errors when writing to stdout
4808051 pathchk of file larger than 2GB will fail
4945477 *head* head(1) garbles output if 0x00 characters are in the line
5082249 *fold* is not large file aware "value too large for defined data type"
6805812 RFE: Update /usr/bin/head to AT&T AST "head".
6861633 RFE: Update /usr/bin/mktemp to AT&T AST "mktemp"
6861634 RFE: Update /usr/bin/tty to AT&T AST "tty"
6863449 RFE: Update /usr/bin/fold to AT&T AST "fold"
6863450 RFE: Update /usr/bin/pathchk to AT&T AST "pathchk"
6929154 RFE: Add /usr/bin/xgrep (Augmented regular expressions
(conjunction, negation.))

Name: Olga Kryzhanovska
Opensolaris user name: fleyta
SCA ID: #OS0402

I attached the hg export, webrev for code review was uploaded to

      ,   _                                    _   ,
     { \/`o;====-    Olga Kryzhanovska   -====;o`\/ }
.----'-/`-/   \-`\-'----.
 `'-..-| /     Solaris/BSD//C/C++ programmer   \ |-..-'`
      /\/\                                     /\/\
      `--`                                      `--`

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