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> Edward Cherlin wrote:
>> 2008/5/9 Alan Kay <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
>>> We are now several dimensions off topic ...
>> The Research mailing list is available for such discussions.
> I've expressed in the past my opinion of what I thought we should
> and shouldn't be discussing on the i.a.e.p. list.
> After seeing a few days of activity, I now have a very different
> view: not only I don't mind if people discuss very diverse topics,
> I think it's a healthy thing.
> Now I see how being an "interdisciplinary" group creates lots
> opportunities for learning from each other and create a closer
> collaboration.

Aha! It works! Only six billion more to go. %-[

> The usual argument of how there would be too much traffic or such a
> low signal to noise ratio is moot: by skipping the threads I don't
> care about, I don't waste *any* time on them.

There you go.

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