OLPC Research Groups,

On behalf of Parsons The New School for Design, I'd like to introduce myself.
My name is Becky Heritage, and I am currently Faculty in the Design + Technology department at Parsons.
We are interested in contributing for the OLPC through curriculum development for the unit and its activities.
We also, have an interest in long term partnership.
In addition to the Wikis and online resources we've been absorbing, we would also like to invite a representative from an Education based initiative, to meet our department and come speak at a Consortium that we host Wednesday evenings.
Preferably, we'd appreciate perspective from someone that has deployment experience, as this is also one of our interests for contribution.
If you could provide insight to any individuals that would be interested, it would be much appreciated.

Becky Heritage

Becky Heritage | Adjunct Faculty Design + Technology
Parsons The New School for Design
2 W 13th Street
New York, NY 10031
917 628 3901

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