Hi Henk,

Thanks for the information.

We have a team member in South Africa at Rhodes University who is
overseeing this. Her name is Fortunate Gunzo, and her email address is
fgu...@gmail.com. She's putting together a brief for the research.  Please
feel free to contact her to discuss this, and if you would, cc me.



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Hi Janissa,

I would like to introduce myself/my business, as I am interested in
performing the research project.

I am an engineer with a masters degree from the University of Pretoria,
South-Africa. Main subjects include systems engineering, engineering
management and I have done some research to do a PhD in Technology
management, which was put on hold when I started my business S-Curve
Technologies cc. ( www.s-curve.co.za I have attached a more formal
description of my business to this mail ). Some of my published work may
be viewed at:


My business has a strong focus on data communications design, and I have
a personal passion for NGO work. The following video indicates the work
performed by AED Sattelife, for which I designed a data routing system.


I would appreciate further communications regarding this research,

Henk Boshoff.

Henk Boshoff (Founder)

S-Curve Technologies cc.

Telephone number
South-Africa: +27823748161
Skype:        henkbsct
Linkedin:     http://www.linkedin.com/in/henkboshoff

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