Hi Eckart,

We have a team member in South Africa at Rhodes University who is
overseeing this.  Her name is Fortunate Gunzo and her email address is
fgu...@gmail.com.  She is putting together a brief for the research. 
Please feel free to contact her to discuss this.  If you could copy me on
any emails with her, I'd appreciate it.



> Hi Janissa
> This is fascinating, thank you. Is this info online as a post (I didn't
> see it on the OLPC Lesotho blog)? I'd love to tweet it at @electricbook.
> Best wishes
> Arthur
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> Arthur Attwell
> Chief Executive, EBW
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> http://twitter.com/electricbook
> Janissa Balcomb said the following on 2011/05/12 05:13 AM:
>> Laptops to Lesotho Inc., a U.S.-based nonprofit organization established
>> in 2009, distributes refurbished G1G1 XO-1 laptops purchased on ebay.com
>> to children in remote mountain villages in Lesotho.  We are using what
>> we
>> think is a rather unique approach to setting up a computer program in a
>> developing nation, and we would like to find a research person or group
>> to
>> do an in-depth, long-term evaluation of the efficacy of our project.

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