Hi Eckart,

The delay is my fault.  Fortunate got me a draft proposal that I was to
review back in May, but I had a family emergency, then got swamped with
other unexpected work for another NGO.

The Laptops to Lesotho project is still very much alive and active.  I am
hoping to tackle Fortunate's evaluation proposal within the next week.

On a related topic, in the next few weeks Fortunate and I are hoping to
put together a paper on our project to submit for the Fifth International
Conference on Information and Communication Technologies and Development
to be held in March 2012 in Atlanta.

I'm sorry for any inconvenience I've caused.  We will keep you posted on
our progress.

Best regards,

Janissa Balcomb
Laptops to Lesotho Inc.


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I spoke with Fortunate about this more than a month ago and was promised
this document "within days". I have not heard back since.


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Hi Eckart,

We have a team member in South Africa at Rhodes University who is overseeing
this.  Her name is Fortunate Gunzo and her email address is
fgu...@gmail.com.  She is putting together a brief for the research.
Please feel free to contact her to discuss this.  If you could copy me on
any emails with her, I'd appreciate it.



> Hi Janissa
> This is fascinating, thank you. Is this info online as a post (I
> didn't see it on the OLPC Lesotho blog)? I'd love to tweet it at
> Best wishes
> Arthur
> --
> Arthur Attwell
> Chief Executive, EBW
> http://ebw.co
> http://twitter.com/electricbook
> Janissa Balcomb said the following on 2011/05/12 05:13 AM:
>> Laptops to Lesotho Inc., a U.S.-based nonprofit organization
>> established in 2009, distributes refurbished G1G1 XO-1 laptops
>> purchased on ebay.com to children in remote mountain villages in
>> Lesotho.  We are using what we think is a rather unique approach to
>> setting up a computer program in a developing nation, and we would
>> like to find a research person or group to do an in-depth, long-term
>> evaluation of the efficacy of our project.

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