*"Reward Your Customers With An Unbelievable Luxury 5-Days Holiday Including
Flights Today!"*

 *ONLY AT RM499.00*

* **Ultimate Edition (Value WORTH OF RM25,000)*

You have in your hand exclusive access to the most rewarding lifestyle
benefits ever put together!

 Take the journey of a lifetime and join us in a magnificent line up of
fantastic experiences simply not available anywhere else at this spectacular

 Take your wonderful *holiday in Bali*, travel anywhere in the world at the
cheapest price, experience the thrill of one day *flying lesson*,
create *financial
freedom* with our qualified millionaire coaches, achieve *fantastic health* and
prevent disease, be trained to *lose weight* personally with our certified
personal trainers, and much more!

*Benefits* included in the Ultimate Sampler are:

* **FREE Personal Training Couple Session including Diet and Nutritional
Consultation.** **(Worth    ** **RM700**).*

   1. *4 Night Stays from USD99.00.***
   2. *Access to 30,000 resorts online guaranteed cheapest.***
   3. *50% Discount for Retail Therapy.***
   4. *One **FREE 3 Day/2 Nights** Stay in a selected accommodation, for up
   to 4 pax. (**Value up to RM1,000**).*
   5. *One 5 Day International Holiday For 2 Adults including Roundtrip Air
   Tickets. (**Value up to RM3,600**).*
   6. *Up to **50% Discount on cruise** to Asia, Europe and Caribbean.***
   7. *FREE Bloodscan** LIVE Demonstration, with our Resident Fully
   Qualified Doctors and Qualified Practitioners. (**Value RM199**).***
   8. *FREE** **One Day Health & Wellness Seminar on "How To LIVE Longer And
   Stronger and Prevent Disease". (**Value USD500**).***
   9. *Lose Weight NOW and KEEP IT OFF! (**Value USD500**).***
   10. *Up To 75% Discount On Any Wealth Creation Program! ***
   11. *FREE 1 Day Session** **on "How To Go From Broke To Millionaire In 3
   Years". (**Worth RM1,500**).***

*How And Where You Can Use Your Incentive Vouchers!"*

Our travel and lifestyle Incentive Packages can be used in a multitude of
ways including:

*Sales Incentives for Marketing Employee Recognition Programs* / Lead
Generation / *Fund Raising Events* / Upgrade Sales of Large Purchases
/ *Appointment
Setting* / Thank you for purchasing goods / *Motivate sales staff* / Customer
Acquisition Incentives / *Product Enhancement Incentives** */ Activation
Incentives / *Gift with Purchase* / Appointment and Referral
Incentives / *Retention
and Renewal Incentives* / 1st Day Incentives  / *Company Trip and much



*Please visit *http://urlite.com/travel *for more information*

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