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#1 Specialist in Memory Power Training

Unique Brain Beyond Infinite ®
The #1 Extrinsic & Intrinsic Brain Power Training Methodologies
Calm Mind & Compassionate Heart for Intelligent & Energetic Life

Unique Brain Beyond Infinite now covering the most precious knowledge
with perfect precision which was develop last 27 years.
Seven Universal Secret of Scoring Excellence in Exam
Seven Minutes of most precious time for human
Seven Color for universal mapping for brain capturing studied notes
like photograph
Seven Level of human intelligent evolution in whole living period life
Seven Hidden Talent Lying Latent for Human
Seven Secret of Challenge Occur Which Created by Nature
Seven Great Self Caring Section & Methods towards Successful Yet Fully
Satisfying Life

Since 2007 we have train 5000+ students category in Malaysia and our
R&D result are as follows.

Contact Elan
Regional Consultant
+6 012-9188619 /   +6 019-6199100
Online Chat ID for SKYPE/GMAIL/YAHOO is: selfinuniversal
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College & University
Secondary School
Primary School

The Super Brain & Power Heart Development Institute

Instant & Everlasting Benefits
1.      Increased Concentration
2.      Increased memory
3.      Increased intelligence quotient
4.      Reduced mental fatigability
5.      Increased performance quotient
6.      Increased shift in sequence of ideas
7.      Increase Memory Power
8.      Increase Interest to Study all Subjects
9.      Child Energize & Encourage Wake Up Early Morning (Dawn time) to
10.     Immediate Alertness & Brain Activeness
11.     Increases Attention & Intention to Study
12.     Expands & Extend Memory Power
13.     Enhances Critical Thinking
14.     Unfold Creative Mind in Multitude Levels
15.     Facilitates Goal Setting and Goal Completion
16.     Improves Learning Efficiency
17.     Unfold Super Brain
18.     Maintain Better Overall Health
19.     Improved focus
20.     Regulate Cycle Rhythm of Body
21.     Develop Calm Mind & Compassionate Heart
22.     Moderate Five Sense & Route Energy for Intelligent Growth
23.     Transform Hyperactive Child to be Responsibility
24.     Improved Attitude follow by Aptitude
25.     Food & Fruits for overall health will become better
26.     Increase highest immune system
27.     Perfecting hormones regulation
28.     Build in Anti-Aging Mind
29.     Effects can be seen within 1 to 3 months time frame for academic,
sports, health, attitude of students and others.
30.     Scientifically proven a complete benefit of over 108 advantages
can be obtain
Increase Memory >35% Within 50 Days of Practicing Daily Twice Morning
& Evening of Unique Brain Beyond Infinite

Increase Calmness >90% Within 50 Days of Practicing Daily Twice
Morning & Evening of Unique Brain Beyond Infinite
Broadband coherence (6.45hZ)
Frontal Brain Coherence normally from 0.10 to 0.31
After Unique Brain Beyond Infinite training and practicing its
leverage from 0.34 to 0.48

Torrance test of creative thinking (post test scores)
Increase Creativity:
if by control only 15 where else above 24.

Increased use of hidden brain reserves
(Per cent improvement on Rod-and-frame test)
Boarder comprehension and greater ability to focus.
If you controls then it stay zero improvement most a time where else
our method make increase up to 38%

Increased Calmness (Change in galvanic skin resistance after 15-20
minutes of practice)
If you controls then increase up to 21%, where else after practice our
Unique Brain Beyond Infinite it's increase up to 98%!

Increase Self Development
(Adjusted change scores. Loevinger's ego development scale)
Control may make increase & decrease of -0.19 till 0.15

Increased Strength of Self Concept
(Change score on Repertory grid test p <0.05)
If controls its drops to -0.17. Our Unique Brain Beyond Infinite
training & practicing increase up to 9.3

Decrease Anxiety
(Effect size - standard deviations p < 0.001)
Using concentration or contemplation method it decrease up to 0.27
Other techniques up to 0.3 where else using Unique Brain Beyond
Infinite method decrease up to0.75

Decrease Depression
(Effect size p < 0.025)
If person controls up to 0.035. Unique Brain Beyond Infinite up to

Improved Health (p=0.01)
If Control 1 then 3, if control 2 then 4.0, but with Unique Brain
Beyond Infinite is about 9.3

Physiological indicators of Deep rest
(Change during practice, compared to sys-closed controls (standard
Respiration rate -3.5 (p 0.05)
Basal skin conductance -6.2 (p 0.05)
Plasma lactate 3.9 (p < 0.03)

Reduced Illness and Medical Expenditures
(Per cent different from norms)
Hospital patient days -76%
Outpatient hospital visits -49%
Total medical expenditures 62%

Reduction of High blood pressure p<0.005
(Change in systolic blood pressure (mm Hg)
Via Health education -1.2
Via Control technique -3.4
Using Unique Brain Beyond Infinite -11

Improved job performance
(change in scale scores) p< 0.1
Via controlling method 0.22, via Unique Brain Beyond Infinite 1.1

Increased Job satifacation
(Change in scale scores p < 0.01)
If Controls 0.18, using Unique Brain Beyond Infinite its 0.98

Development of Intelligence
(Increased IQ, Means IQ score) From 2007 till 2009
If controls only then its drop -2%.  Unique Brain Beyond Infinite then
increase 9%.

Improved in Academic Skills
(Within one year)
Before practice increase 37%
After practice increase 72%

Reading Skills
Before practice increase 56%
After practice increase 79%
Universe Awareness (R&D) Centre
2nd Floor, one world hotel
First Avenue, Bandar Utama City Centre
47800 Petaling Jaya
Selangor, Malaysia
Fax: 03-33239196

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