My name is Chicken, but I'm really a cat! =^..^=
Anyway, I thought I would just let you all know that this is really a cat resort, a cat resort that admittedly tolerates lowly dog guests on occasion.
The proof of this is in paw-ticular the fact that we get the penthouse suite of rooms upstairs, while the dogs hang out downstairs with the concierge (the guy who cleans out our litter box, and mops the floors).
Maxine (my demur but purrrfectly charming side kick) and I much to our alarm were advised by our guardians that we were moving to Montreal. Why is not known, but guardians do tend to be half crazy and totally confused most of the time, as I am sure even some of the more inspired dog guests below might tend to agree with! ;-)
Maxine in a blind panic and seeking to avoid the hell of hanging out with guardians living out of suitcases in sterilized vampish hotel rooms, decided that a vacation had to be arranged at all costs!!
So, much to our relief we discovered the resort, and were then effortlessly able to sweet talk (visions of 2 cats hanging off the ceiling, and...) our guardians into making the arrangements.
We departed San Francisco in the cabin of something called a airplane (a cigar tube with wings, bad air, lousy food, and screaming baby humans). Maxine and I were totally convinced we had boarded a one way flight to Hell (and here was I thinking that Hell was down not up?)!! :-(
We arrived at the resort late at night under a full moon with countless dogs baying and barking their heads off. I hardly noticed though, and as soon as I got out of my transporter went straight to the litter box, and let out a big sigh. Meanwhile Maxine got hugs from our departing guardian as she cast nervous glances towards the open door, and looked about in wide eyed stupefaction (certainly more of a scaredy cat than I).
Suddenly blissful silence descended, and Maxine and I started our purrfectly wonderful vacation at the resort (Maxine under the bed on a hard cold floor, and fearless me on top of the bed on a divinely comfortable comforter)!
The first few days were wonderfully peaceful, and we spent most of our time on the windowsills watching the birds and following the sun from window to window as it went around the house.
Maxine avoids the dogs at all costs, but I rather enjoy watching them with one paw languidly hanging out between the balustrades, as they all sit there on the stairs below watching my every move with rapt attention, and obviously wild day dreams of having me for lunch! Sometimes I even jump the barricade (at the top of the stairs) and sit down on the top step, waiting for one of these less sophisticated guests to notice me! Then, when they charge up the stairs in wild disorder and total abandon, I gracefully jump back up over the barricade, and saunter off haughtingly mocking them with my tail, which I flick back and forth in complete disdain of their complete and utter incompetence and lack of savoir-faire!! :^)  
After we had been at the resort for about a week, Caramel the singing cat arrived, much to my wonderment and appreciation. She certainly knows how to drive the concierge nuts! :-)
Just the other day she hid so well, the hapless concierge thought she had escaped or heaven forbid had been eaten alive during a misguided attempt to go downstairs and educate the dog guests on a few of the finer points of resort etiquette!
She was eventually found though inside one of the box springs for one of the beds. She had sliced open the covering that covers the underside, and slipped inside. The concierge could just not get her out despite repeated attempts, and many soothing enticements. So, he eventually flipped over the entire bed and removed the covering, while Caramel entertained him and us with a few well placed hisses before sulking off in a huff. She also serenades the moon at night with melodious tunes, which much to our and the concierge's amazement gets absolutely no reaction from the snoring dog downstairs!?!
Well, room service has just brought up our deliciously fragrant dinner, which invariably gets everyone including Caramel out from under the covers or where ever else they've been taking a well deserved nap!
Clearly cats rule here at the resort!! =^..^=


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