Can you give more information about the environment: exact OS, exact  
resin version, exact JDK version, etc. You say "the same resin is  
working fine on other servers." I'm unsure how to read that. Do you  
mean that, bit for bit, the servers are identical, running the exact  
same code in the exact same environment? That seems implausible given  
what you say. Therefore, there must be some difference(s) between the  
servers that are behaving as you expect, and the one that isn't.


On Sep 15, 2006, at 12:02 , sksamuel wrote:

> Can anyone offer any advice as to why one of my servers is holding  
> onto tons
> of CLOSE_WAIT sockets all originating from Resin. The same resin is  
> working
> fine on other servers.
> They stay in that state permantly until the server goes into a loop.
> I have checked everything I can think of. Why would a Servlet hold  
> onto
> these connections? Am I somehow stopping resin from closing a socket
> somewhere ?

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