Seems it might be a problem with our balancer, we added a little testété/index.jsp and index.html which IIS can find no problem but resin gives an error 404 while converting the codes to %E9t%E9 in Firefox, but no conversion in Internet Explorer. The index.html can be found. I’m really confused and have no clue how to fix this.


From: Michael Sweeney
Sent: Friday, September 15, 2006 4:15 PM
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Subject: problems with IIS


this problem is on windows 2000 SP4 in case it makes a difference and resin 2.1.17 (upgrading is not an option, we don’t have control over the web server)

We got Resin working with IIS perfectly, it just causes a 404 error
when accessing a page in JAMwiki that has french accents in it.

The following URL's work fine : <- via
resin on 8080

This does not, gives a 404 <- via IIS
on port 80

I'm thinkink the characters in the url are causing the problem, and we
need the accents since the site is in French. Any ideas ?



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