On Sep 18, 2006, at 10:08 AM, sksamuel wrote:

>> Hmm.  Can you get a thread dump?  A few possibilities:
>> 1) your threads are stuck somewhere in application (or Resin)  
>> code  and the robots timed out
>> 2) something is wrong with the select manager (?)
>> 3) something else that might show up in the thread dump :)
> How do I get a thread dump without using jstack because that  
> doesn't work on Fedora 3 unfortunately (just my luck). It's fixed  
> in Mustang I think.

kill -QUIT on the java process.

kill -QUIT is a bit better than jstack, actually, since it shows the  
thread names and any locks the thread has, which is really nice.  The  
thread dump output should be in jvm.log.

-- Scott


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