>> Can you give more information about the environment: exact OS, exact
>> resin version, exact JDK version, etc. You say "the same resin is
>> working fine on other servers." I'm unsure how to read that. Do you
>> mean that, bit for bit, the servers are identical, running the exact
>> same code in the exact same environment? That seems implausible given
>> what you say. Therefore, there must be some difference(s) between the
>> servers that are behaving as you expect, and the one that isn't.
> Actually, the most important information would be which sockets these
> are.  Are they srun sockets from Apache to Resin, or database
> connections, or persistent session sockets from Resin to Resin?
> The CLOSE_WAIT means one end of the socket has closed, but the other
> end has not closed it.  So, you'd need to know which processes have
> each end of the socket.

They all look like this

java      20112    root  573u     IPv4   37171963                  TCP 
java      20112    root  575u     IPv4   37176279                  TCP 
server206-123.live-servers.net:http-> (CLOSE_WAIT)
java      20112    root  576u     IPv4   37181067                  TCP 
java      20112    root  581u     IPv4   37176427                  TCP 

The process there is resin.

I am running 1.5.08 on all machines. 

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