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I configured a custom log:


<log name="it.sodomaco.mab" level="all" path="${server.root}/log/maball.log"/>

Yes, it's a bug although it's a little complicated.

<log> configures a logging Handler.  
<logger> configures a Logger.

For a log message to print the level for both must be fine enough.

The default logging level for a Handler is "all".  The default logging level for a Logger is "info".

Now, Resin's <log> with a level should set both the Handler level and the Logger level.  In 3.0.21, it's only setting the Handler level.

As a workaround, you'll need to add a 

<logger name="it.sodomaco.mab" level="finer"/>

-- Scott


running the following code


Logger log = Logger.getLogger("it.sodomaco.mab");




the result is


[2006/09/21 16:58:29.623] info

[2006/09/21 17:00:26.598] info

[2006/09/21 17:00:47.234] info

[2006/09/21 17:00:48.306] info


I also notice that in the default resin.conf of  3.0.21 the configuration is


<log name="" level="all" path="stdout:" timestamp="[%H:%M:%S.%s] "/>


but only info,warning e servere messages appears not fine or finer.


Resin 3.0.21

Java build 1.5.0_04-b05



Andrea Sodomaco


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