Hello all, I'm looking for an example of a configuration how to deploy
an .ear to a certain virtual host.

Lets say that the virtual host is called test.example.tld and my
enterprise application arhive is called foobar.ear.

At the moment I have the app in the exploded form and later wrapped up
into an .ear. I'd really appreciate to hear an example of both of these

This is what I've come up this far:

     <host id='test.example.tld'>

         <web-app id="/">

         <log name="" level="all" path="stdout:" timestamp="[%H:%M:%S.%s]"/>

             <compiling-loader path="./webapps/foobar/WEB-INF/classes"/>
             <library-loader path="./webapps/foobar/WEB-INF/lib"/>

         <!-- :TODO: Broken
              <web-app-deploy path="./webapps/foobar"/>

         <ear-deploy path=".">

I'm having problems with the class loader as EJBs aren't recognized as I
get java.lang.NoClassDefFoundErrors when the webapp is trying to use EJBs.


-- Tero

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