We are getting some really odd behavior in production with Resin's CMP.

Intermittently, resin begins throwing NPE's in its Amber code( why  
Resin is using Amber for 2.x beans is another question, but I'll save  
that for another time ).  For example:

[09:01:47.850] null
[09:01:47.850] java.lang.NullPointerException
[09:01:47.850]  at com.caucho.amber.manager.AmberConnection.parseQuery 
[09:01:47.850]  at  
[09:01:47.850]  at  
[09:01:47.850]  at  
[09:01:47.850]  at delegates.security.PermissionsDelegate.canYou 

it appears to happen exclusively with finders.  We have verified that  
we are NOT passing nulls into any of the finders when this occurs.

Looking at the code, it looks like an internal AmberPersistenceUnit  
object is for some reason null.

Any help on this would be appreciated, thanks.

  - Dave

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