Hi everyone,

We're having a problem with apparent disconnection of a shared drive
containing the JVM and the JAR files. From time-to-time our
application will report "ClassDefNotFound" exceptions for classes that
are truly there. As a result we'll get some missing JSP .class files
presumbaly because Resin is deleting them.

When we discover the problem, we can see the shared drives, we can see
the 'missing' class, and we can see that the JSP's .class file is
missing. This feels like the old jdk1.4 bug - fixed in _08 I think -
where the JVM couldn't reestablish connection to an archive after it
was unavailable for whatever reason. We're running Java5 now, so the
JVM shouldn't be an issue, but we're not ruling anything out.

Do we know how Resin is designed to react to such a situation? What
would Resin do if, for some reason, late into the night, for the
briefest of moments, a drive with the JVM and the JARs didn't answer
quickly enough? Does Resin give up on seeing that archvie forever
(until Resin restart), or can it reconnect to an archive on the fly?

+ jay

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