I'm trying (fitfully) to run Blojsom 3.0 on Resin 3.0.21 on my WinXP
machine as a deployed webapp. I get an error
"net.sf.ehcache.CacheException: Cannot configure CacheManager: The
system cannot find the path specified."

The Blojsom runs ehcache and defaults to the failsafe built into the

Of course I'm sure this means that the default "" is
unavailble or unaccessible. By default it's C:\Windows\Temp and to make
doubly sure I ran a test.jsp which showed this. I've changed it using
the "-D" parameter on the resin startup parameters to a subdirectory in
the resin directory tree to no avail.

I've tested Blojsom with Tomcat and Jetty and it works with both of
them. If I could remember how to start TinyJavaWebServer
(, I'd test it with that too. 

Has anyone an idea why this is failing only on Resin?


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